Saturday, 5 July 2014

What to do when you are in Goa !

5 Things to do on your first trip to Goa.
1.  Enjoy the Beaches!
Well lets face it, if you’re in Goa you have probably come here to for the beaches. And even if you’re not, well they can’t really be ignored. The calangute beach in north Goa is the perfect place to start. It is very easily accessible, by public transport or even if you are driving down. There is a whole range of accommodation from shacks by the beach to luxury hotels like the grand goa.
2. Try the food!
Goa is well known for having a unique cuisine. The state being predominantly catholic and also a Portuguese colony is known for its preparations of fish and pork, hence making it a meal-lovers paradise in an otherwise predominantly vegetarian country. Apart from this local sweets like Bibincaand Dodol are also very popular. Due to the large number of international tourists, continental food is never far away with most hotels offering an international cuisine.
3. Visit Churches and Historical Sites!
Before being annexed by the Indian armed forces in 1961, goa was a Portuguese colony for 451 years. Hence it has been endowed with as architecture unique to the state. These beautiful Portuguese styled churches and forts and a sight worth seeing in Goa. Popular tourist attraction are the Basicila of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral de Santa Catharina.
4. Go shopping!
Goa is well known for its flea markets all along the beaches, Calangute itself it a good place to start, with everything from road side stalls to high end boutiques in the vicinity. The Anjuna flea market open every Wednesday is also a good place to shop, here you mostly find beach wear, jewelry and souvenirs, but remember to bargain!
5. Rent a Bike!
The roads in goa are known for being narrow and public transport is not always available. So if you want to explore the beautiful state, the best is on a bike. They are easily available and very cheap to rent, the hotel will usually be able to help you out in that matter.

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